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Thank you for this:

[the rest of this comment has been deleted 20/05/2005]


Hi Dee! I am glad to hear that you are okay. How are the PMs' families? Your writing is excellent, thank you to Salissa for giving me this address!

Send my regards to everyone



Very insightful comments on the underlying forces at work; and a very gripping account of your escape - glad that you made it out safely. I think you're the only blogger who was a real eyewitness to these events, so I hope it's OK if I quote some of your post(s) on my blog.


I was reading an article at the financial times about protests and open fire in Andijon - glad to read that you are safe. It is interesting comparing the politics in the article to your observations first hand. I hope a peaceful and productive resolution finds its way.


Glad to hear you made it out safely -- I heard about what was going on in Uzbekistan on the BBC and immediately thought about PCVs serving there. Can you tell yet whether you'll be able to return?

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