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So in your view were the uprisings justified?


Hey there... thıs ıs Aprıl (from Nukus). We're ın Turkey rıght now watchıng the news carefully. None of our frıends ın Karakalpakstan have heard about any of thıs, except from us.

I'm really glad you got out to Tashkent ok.

Trent Milam

Someone from the Peace Corps Central Asia/ Eastern Europe Yahoo Groups site shared your blog address with us. My wife and I are nominated for Central Asia in Sept. Don't even know your name (can't seem to find it on the site), but we hope you are safe. Keep us posted please if they pull out PCVs from Uzbekistan, many nominees back in the states are concerned not just for their future service, but for all of your safety.

Be safe and keep your head down!

Trent Milam
Savannah, GA

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