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AJ Hoge

Just found your blog-- very nice. Always enjoy finding adventurous spirits.


New Peace Corps; Global Health Care Act

US legislation for global health corps
IANS Washington April 27: United States Senate majority leader, Mr Bill Frist has introduced legislation to help citizens in foreign countries through a global health corps, modeled like the Peace Corps of the 1960s.

The Global Health Corps Act of 2005 creates a programme for Americans to provide healthcare and related services to aid foreign communities.

“This legislation harnesses the power generated by America’s most precious resource: its generous and compassionate citizens. Within our borders there exists a vast reservoir of talent, knowledge and compassion that can help heal our global neighbours,” said Mr Frist, a Republican from Tennessee.

“And by sharing these talents with regions in need, we can spread health and healing while bolstering our nation’s image throughout the world,” he said.

He said: “Having treated patients in desperate and war-ravaged areas, this cause is near and dear to my heart. I have seen that real, tangible, medical intervention can help bridge the gaps and misunderstandings that so often divide cultures.”

“The recent tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean is a prime example. This legislation reflects the universal truth that medicine is not only an instrument of health, but a currency of peace.”

Similar to the Peace Corps, the bill establishes within the department of health and human services the office of the Global Health Corps.

The office will coordinate, unify and focus on the provision of healthcare personnel and services abroad by US government agencies and departments, by private organisations, and by US citizens serving as volunteers.

This office will also work with international and regional organisations, NGOs and foreign governments to accomplish its mission.

The Global Health Corps will include US government employees and non-federal volunteers (like private-sector doctors, nurses, veterinarians) who are trained healthcare professionals and practitioners.

It will also have a rapid response capacity that will consist of individuals from within the US Public Health Service who are trained, equipped and able to go to a foreign country or region within 72 hours in order to respond to healthcare disasters and emergencies.


Big dreams, small miracles!


The guy who started this was host brother to a PCV in my group. I'm trying to remember if I taught other volunteers how to make peanut butter or not. I used the good old family meat grinder, a little bit of cottonseed oil, and sugar. I'm sure this is much, much better.

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