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I'm sure Dee already got back to y'all, but I thought I'd chime in.

Julie, I'd bring what you can carry. I had a suitcase and duffel. They were a pain in the ass sometimes, but I could handle them. Remember, there'll be about twice as many women as men in the group, and they can't carry all your luggage ;) (only mentioned because of bad experiences involving a few unappreciative female volunteers who treated another guy and I like it was our duty to lug her crap).

Taya, I'm all for digital, but you would need something to store the photos on. You will have pretty good access to computers as a TEFL-University. Like I said though, you'll need somewhere to store the photos if you're the kind of person who takes lots of pictures and wants to keep them all. If you aren't in the market for a laptop (which I wish I'd brought with me), I would go for the Archos Gmini 220 MP3 player with the flash adapter attachment. Altogether that might set you back around $300, but it's worth it. Music was the most important thing I brought (people were jealous of my 200 CDs), and an MP3 player saves space. I also take this one on vacation with me all the time for when I (inevitably) fill up my flash cards in my camera. If you have questions about this, shoot me an email at my name -at-


coming in with the next group in Jan 2005, i'm wondering a bit about computer access. thinking about a basic digital camera vs. 35 mm. my program is university english teacher - since i'll be around a uni do you think the chances of finding internet access/comp access to upload fotos is realistic? i don't have a laptop nor do i plan on buying one.
ps: as many have said- your site is VERY helpful. well done.


While I know that in the end it doesn't really matter but, what type of luggage would you recommend bringing to Uz? Suitcase? Duffle bag? Backpack? Combination? PS, I think you have a great blog.


Your post reminded me of how I decied I *had to* eat a Whopper Value Meal at the airport the first time I flew out to Korea. I didn't think I would have one for an entire year. Then when I met my school's director, the first thing he started talking about were all the fast food restuarants there were in the small city I was working in. Oops. LOL

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