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Oh Dee, they're important questions to be sure. But it feels like an awful lot to carry. Maybe the things you *think* you need to accomplish aren't what you'll leave behind. But I can't imagine that you haven't touched these people in a very significant way. (And they, you.)
Much love,

John Zaner - Suzy's Dad


As for how much good a Peace Corps experience does, I suspect that in many cases what it does for the PCV is as important if not more important than what it does for the host country. I think the experience will change how you relate and contribute to the world for the rest of your life. Sort of graduate study to be a member of the world community. The world would be a much better place if more people would experience what you and Suzy are experiencing.

We appreciate your posts, they add significantly to what we hear from Suzy.

Take care.
Suzy's Dad

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