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Thanks guys, but my final word on the spooning issue is I hope to snuggle during my R&R somewhere outside of Uz, preferably Italy ;D


I guess its important to have the right person to spoon under the down comforter with! Well ... hopefully, your planning will help to keep you in the absolute essentials .... and its true, you'll appreciate them more when you get back.


not to be too cheeky...but cant you spoon under a soft comforter almost anywhere.....and i will ensure you are kept supplied with enough good bordeaux to keep you happy....supplied from berry bros london... ;)


Yes, appreciate them now, but know you will appreciate them sooooooo much more when you return.

Also, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the following in Tashkent (and I bet there's more cool stuff since I left!):
-Good Indian, Turkish, Thai, and "Chinese" food.
-Okay, so that's about it.

But, you'll find new and exciting things to enjoy like learning to cook with new and exciting ingredients and using your credit card to take money out of the bank in Tashkent.


Thanks for sharing that, and now I appreciate those things more too. I am glad you get a chance to experience them with the perspective you have. It will be the same when you return. The simple joy of a hot shower and clean hair. Having a light to read by at night. Those are a couple of things my mom appreciated more when she got back from Romania.


How wonderful to be mindful and appreciative NOW. Sometimes we don't notice things until they're gone. Good that you can bask in them before you go.

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