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well, having just come back from working with muslims in spain for this past year, i can tell you that they're not scary. i fell in love with my students and contrary to common conception they were very open loving people as well. i know that the arabic people are considered a very closed culture but i found that the key to their opening is feeling that i was open: i was loving, i was very intrigued by their lives and culture, i wanted to help, and i'm just a generally very open person. i wanted to be their friend and that made a huge difference, rather than some "leader" that was there to help the poor masses, you know? that's a quick way to breed resentment. if you open yourself up, they'll soon discover that you are not what they have in mind as the typical american. join with them in agreement when common ideas about governments come up. show you have a mind of your own outside of their preconceived ideas of how an american thinks and acts.

really, the key is just openness yourself: do unto others and you'll be amazed what they'll do unto you. it's going to be an amazing adventure.


Can't add much else that the others haven't said - except to say - I'm with them! This must be so difficult .... especially given your current happiness ..... it will be worth it though! You will gain so much in terms of life experience form this .... hang in there.


You have my support too. I am so impressed you are going to go through with this. I understand the state of nervousness as the time draws near. I bet once you get there and get settled, you will feel some calm. And then perhaps a little more anxiety on coming home, but in a good way. *hugs*

jo anne

you also have my admiration and wholehearted support. honestly, i see you as one of the luckiest people on earth. to be able to do what you are doing is truly something. hats off!


I know you're asking these questions without ecpecting any answers. Just know that you have my total admiration and support. And let me know if there's any additional way I can "be there" for you.

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