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I am leaving for Senegal in less than two weeks, and have begun to hit the frantic packing stage. Although UZ and Senegal are entirely different places, there are some packing tips that are universal. Thanks for posting the advice; I may have to revise my list, or at least add a few things. It's been helpful to see how people change their minds once they get in country, and what becomes more and less important.


For junky gifts etc check out:

MArya Morevna

Amen to KAtzner and the Lonely Planet.Amen to gloves.
Learn to make Manty in Uzbekhistan. If you bring vanilla beans, soak them in a dark spot in vodka for a steady source of vanilla that you don't have to worry about in your luggage. TAkes a shot of vodka, 2 beans and three week to make vanilla, but you just keep adding vodka as you use it.
If you can get away with it, ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotics and appropriate disposable syringes that can be used in an emergency. Not all hospitals have disposable syringes at all times, and some places still swear ala Soviet propoganda that there is no AIDS. You can always donate the needles at the end of your stint. MAke sure you have a doctor's note with them at the airport and all times, though.


Glad you liked the skirts--I am utterly devoted to their clothing. Great quality and garanimal-like interchangability. Perfect for Uzbekistan btw, since they are long and modest. My hubby said I was definitely Bob Jones-compatible in mine (Grrr--but he had a point). Only trouble was--I have a long stride and felt like a geisha!

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